Young children in the cold as teachers catch COVID-19 in Costa Blanca area of Spain

PARENTS have slammed Valencia’s Education Ministry for not providing replacement teachers after a Costa Blanca infant school was forced to stop lessons.

All six teachers from the infant section of the Colegio Muixara in La Nucia have caught COVID-19 meaning children have to spend the day in the cold playground.

Youngsters have been told to stay at home for the time being but that has caused problems.

Some parents say they have no alternative but to take them to school because they have to work and cannot make childcare arrangements.

They claim youngsters are spending full and cold days outdoors with supervision from teachers from the primary school.

The parents say do not understand why supply teachers have not been brought in by the Education Ministry.

They added that safe ‘bubble’ groups have been broken as primary teachers are mixing with infants that do not have to wear masks.

There has been no comment so far from Valencian authorities.


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