Young woman is fined €500 for leaving her dog tied up outside a pharmacy in Spain as new animal laws take effect

A YOUNG woman has become the first known person in Spain to be fined for breaking the new Animal Welfare law, but she ended up being let off.

The Policia Local in Ronda de don Bosco, Vigo, spotted her Dalmatian dog tied up outside a pharmacy for a few minutes and gave her a €500 ticket.

Article 27 of the legislation states that it is ‘expressly forbidden to keep pets on a leash or wandering in public spaces without the face-to-face supervision of the person responsible for their care and behaviour’

The good news for the Vigo dog owner was that the penalty was withdrawn before being processed by the Xunta de Galicia according to the El Faro de Vigo newspaper.

The woman called for common sense so that ‘no one else’ has to go through what she did.

Vigo Security councillor, Patricia Rodriguez, confirmed that no ‘sanction has been initiated’.

The Policia Nacional has pointed out that leaving a dog tied up outside a business to make a quick purchase could result in a fine of between €500 and €1000.

Penalties can also apply if a dog is locked up in a car or left in conditions which could threaten its life, while non-supervision for over 24 hours can also attract a financial penalty.

What is yet to be implemented is the imposition of civil liability insurance for dog owners and free online training courses, which have been delayed due to the acting national government being unable to approve the regulatory framework for that to happen.


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