The English Emigre

Life is for learning

Welcome to my website

Hi, I’m Jezz, the English Emigre: I left the UK and arrived in Valencia at the end of 2020 to sing, learn Spanish, make friends, start a new life and teach English.

I’ve just started this website/blog and over the next few months I’ll be adding posts of my new life and travels with reviews, opinions, photos and videos.

If you’re interested in having private English lessons with me, checkout my English lessons page for more information, or click the button below to contact me.


"Jezz, he is so kind and patient teacher. The best I ever had in my life! He also is so funny, yes, he makes all the lessons fun and so very interesting!"
"I was so nervous when we started the teaching but Jezz, the teacher, he made it easy and nice to learn so that my nervousness went totally and even I enjoyed the lessons. In a short time I learned so much that my boss said he was impressed at my job. Thank you Jezz!."
Sales Manager
"At school I HATED English, it was SO boring but when I wanted to go for a higher job at work I knew I would need to improve my English more. Jezz made the lessons so interesting and fun, we laugh lots. It's totally different from school!."
Executive Assistant

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