How hot will it REALLY be in Spain this summer? Weather experts give fresh verdict – as season officially begins TOMORROW

THE summer of 2024 will be ‘warmer than normal’ according to the Aemet- the State Meteorological Agency with the season starting on Thursday night.

Aemet spokesperson, Ruben Del Campo, said that spring was not as hot as last year, which was the warmest since records began but it still was the tenth warmest since 1961.

Eight of the 10 warmest springs have been recorded since 2006.



“It is further proof of the warming that Spain is suffering in recent decades,” said Del Campo.

Looking ahead, he predicted that summer ‘will most likely be much warmer than normal’ throughout Spain.

“It could be among the 20% of the hottest summers on record,” Del Campo suggested.

“The probability is quite high, between 50% and 70% in the northern third of the country and over 70% in the rest of Spain.”

As for rainfall, Del Campo said: “It could be a drier quarter than usual, especially in the north of the Peninsula and inland areas although forecasting this must be taken with caution”.

There were concerns that this summer’s first heatwave would appear on Friday but that has receded.

“It seems clear that from Friday temperatures will rise throughout Spain and that they will be higher than normal, but not extraordinary,” said Del Campo.

On Saturday and Sunday, 32° to 34° are expected in the central area, 34° to 36° in the south and more than 38° in the Guadalquivir valley- something that will continue into Monday and Tuesday.

“But it seems that from Wednesday, and this is where the uncertainty is, temperatures could drop and the heat would be confined to the east of Spain- although within normal levels,” Del Campo stated.

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