Man arrested after firing shots at windows at university campus in northern Spain

PANIC spread at a university campus in Spain’s Basque Country on Wednesday afternoon after a man fired shots at the window of a building full of students.

Authorities evacuated students from the Faculty of Sciences and Technology at Leioa campus of the Basque Country University (UPV) amid fears of a mass shooting.

Students took cover underneath desks in the building until police arrived.

However, they soon detained a 21-year-old man carrying a shotgun who had fired at least three shots at windows.

Local media reported that he was not a student at the university and that he had said “he wasn’t there to hurt anyone”.

“The campus was evacuated at 6:50 pm and the person detained, but there was no personal damage,” said a spokesperson for Ertzaintza, the regional police force in the Basque Country.


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