Millions of euros pledged to thousands of businesses affected by Covid in Spain

THOUSANDS of businesses and freelancers affected during the Covid pandemic will receive 835.7 million euros in state funding.

The Government has pledged the financial support to 10,367 companies and freelancers from the 855.7 million state fund.

Over 11,000 applications for aid were granted after proving to the Treasury and Labour department that they qualified. 

The hospitality industry, one of the worst affected sectors, will benefit the most with almost four in ten companies qualifying for aid. Around 2,534 hospitality companies will share 345 million euros, equalling 40% of the fund. 

Retail businesses will share 106 million euros and 693 companies in the wholesale trade industry will receive a cut from 104 million. Many other industries including retail, construction and agriculture will also benefit.

Several companies with a tax domicile outside the Balearics but have a permanent business in the Islands will also share 8.5 million euros.

Full details of the aid has been published in the Boletín Oficial de las Islas Baleares (BOIB).


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