Ports in Spain’s Andalucia working on creating a cruise itinerary along Andalucian coastline

SUNCRUISE Andalucía aims to promote Andalucia as a top cruise tourism destination.

Tourism via sea along southern Spain is what Suncruise Andalucia, an Association composed of the Andalucian Ports belonging to the Ports of Spain system, aims to promote with a cruise itinerary along the Andalucian coastline.

“The aim of this association is to turn Andalucia into an attractive place for cruise tourism, and for us success would be to get a cruise line that touches the seven main Andalucian ports,” said the president of the Association, Rafael Carmona.

Malaga is the main Andalucian destination for cruise passengers. The intention of Suncruise is to bring together the seven Ports of General Interest of Andalucia (Algeciras, Almeria, Cadiz, Huelva, Malaga, Motril and Sevilla) and to transfer this attraction to the rest of the community.

As highlighted by Carmona “the Andalucian ports are the gateways to a region committed to working closely to foster cruise tourism, as well as providing the most pleasant stay for all visitors willing to know our area.”

The way to achieve this is the design of a cruise itinerary that runs along the Mediterranean and Atlantic coast of Andalucia.

According to Carmona, Suncruise is already negotiating with shipping companies to make this dream a reality, with MSC Cruises stating that the route could be ‘very attractive’ for Italian and British tourists.


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