Teenage boy in Spain stabs his father to death ‘to protect his mother’

A 14-YEAR-OLD boy has been arrested by the Guardia Civil after his father died from knife wounds.

The teenager intervened in a fight between his two parents at their home in the Murcia region town of Totana.

The incident happened last Thursday with the 51-year-old victim, named as Joaquin, dying of his injuries at Lorca’s Rafael Mendez Hospital.



The boy was detained on Tuesday- the day after his father was buried at a local cemetery.

The youngster was apparently kept hidden since the stabbing by family members and friends.

The family lived in the San Jose district of Totana and the La Verdad newspaper quoted a source that said the boy defended his mother during an argument.

His father was stabbed up to five times with a kitchen knife- sustaining injuries in his lungs and heart.

The source said that abusive incidents were ‘common’ but no complaints had been filed with authorities.

“The boy had been suffering with his mother abuse from the deceased for many years and the minor interceded in one of the thousands of fights that had taken place between the father and the mother,” the sources commented.

His mother accompanied him to the Juvenile Prosecutor’s Office in Murcia, where she confirmed that he acted to defend her.

Her statement was enough to have the 14-year-old released and without any bail conditions.

A decision will be made at a later date as to whether the youngster will be charged and face a trial, or whether the case will be filed.

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