15 sand dune areas will be restored with natural vegetation in La Manga area of Spain’s Mar Menor

15 SECTIONS of La Manga del Mar Menor’s coast will see over 117,000 m2 of sand dunes restored in a €1.06 million project announced by the Ministry of Ecological Transition.

The work will take two years to complete across the entire coastal stretch of La Manga between Los Alemanes beach- next to the Marchamalo salt flats- all the way to Veneziola beach.

975 invasive shrub or tree species along with 270 herbaceous species will be eliminated in addition to work across an additional area of over 23,000 m2 to remove other invasive species.

It’s intended to plant some 107,400 specimens of different dune species which include the Mar Menor asparagus which entered the endangered category of the Spanish Catalogue of Threatened Species in April.

Most of the dune areas are next to zones classified as developable land with their main threat therefore being the urbanisation of the coastline.

The Ecological Transition ministry will also install 14,570 metres of soft fencing to protect the restored dune spaces; 5,860 metres of wicker sand collectors; and 15 information boards.

Besides recovering vegetation that is typical of a dune ecosystem, the project will help maintain the coastal sedimentary equilibrium as well as cushioning the erosive effects of the waves on the coast, since the dunes act as a sand reserve for the beaches.


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