5 Most Exotic Locations You Can Try Out with Your Private Jet

While we tirelessly work to secure our future, we often forget to embrace what the present holds for us. After giving years of hard work and commitment to your job, you deserve to have some time off for a private vacation. And what better way to do so than hopping on to your personal jet and disappearing away to somewhere quiet and distant from all the hubbub. The biggest advantages of traveling on a private plane are: to travel hassle-free to lesser-known locations in a fraction of the time, enjoy the benefits of exclusive resorts, and explore some of the remotest islands on our earth. If you plan to take a month-long vacation, here are some of the best locations you can visit with your family to recharge your batteries.

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The Best Destinations to Travel to in a Private Jet

Do you love warm sunny weather, pristine blue seas, lively nightlife, and picturesque sunsets? If all of these are your favorite, read this blog to know some of the best holiday destinations worldwide. These are some of the best locations for a quick getaway in your personal jet:


A beautiful archipelago in the Indian Ocean off the coast of East Africa, Seychelles should be your go-to destination if you are a beach-lover and a nature enthusiast. It’s home to several beaches, coral reefs, and natural habitats for rare animal species, such as the giant Aldabra tortoises. 

Fregate is one of the top attractive islands in Seychelles, where you can find many luxurious villas and jacuzzis to enjoy a secluded and peaceful vacation. Although all of Seychelles’ beaches are spectacularly beautiful, they remain comparatively less crowded and serve as the prime destination for lazy holidays.

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Most of us do not know of Tuscany. It is one of the lesser known yet one of the top holiday destinations in Italy and a perfect place for enjoying a personal vacation. You will witness the rich history, grandeur, and cultural heritage of the area that will remind you of pre-medieval Italy dating back to the Renaissance. 

Because it is not widely known as a tourist destination, Tuscany will give you respite from large groups of tourists and provide a peaceful vacation. Apart from its cultural heritage, it also has numerous vineyards where you can take a walk, enjoying the beautiful scenery among the hills and cypress trees. 


One of Greece’s crown jewels, Mykonos is a perfect, picture-postcard island destination for travelers. The entire island town is full of spectacular views, perfect for a lens-lover. Look around, and you will find shimmering ocean views in the background with white-washed buildings all over the place – an ideal location to call Greek paradise. The silky white sandy beaches and pristine water calls out for snorkeling. 

Paradise Beach is also known as a local party place with numerous restaurants and resorts where you can have a taste of authentic Greek seafood. The island has an excellent blend of old and new cultures, which will surely fascinate you. 

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St. Lucia

The volcanic island of St. Lucia is a Caribbean gem and an epitome of luxury. Although small in size, it makes up for it with unspoiled natural beauty. Most of the island is not urbanized, allowing you to enjoy the original natural beauty just as it is. If you love adventure, St. Lucia is a top destination for you. Book a tour across the volcanic crater where you can enjoy the beautiful hot springs, which will re-energize all your muscles. 

The island also features several gorgeous beaches where you can enjoy water sports like kayaking, scuba diving, and sailing. If you are a chocolate lover, you can’t miss out on visiting the Hotel Chocolat, where you can enjoy various chocolate desserts and drinks and even make your own chocolate concoctions. Chocolate occupies a big portion of St. Lucia’s legacy, after all.

Bora Bora

The Bora Bora islands are one of the most amazing tourist destinations in the world. They are the most visited islands in the whole of French Polynesia. The spectacular beauty of these islands has rightfully earned them the title ‘Pearl of the Pacific.’ 

Bora Bora features stunning aquamarine lagoons and breathtaking aerial views. You can take a ride across the entire island and explore the rich aquatic life or relax on the decks of the private overwater bungalows. The options are limitless and serve as the main reason behind the island’s coveted tourist destination status among celebrities and corporate magnates. 


When it comes to having a luxury vacation, there is no second to flying off to a remote destination on a private plane. Chocolate desserts. The perks of traveling privately are limitless. The entire tour and travel itinerary are suited to your tastes and preferences. The convenience is unmatched, and you can also visit those places which are out of reach of commercial airlines.

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