73-year old man in Malaga takes his own life after being defrauded of over €58,000

POLICE in Malaga have arrested 8 people for defrauding a 73-year old man of €58,210 who subsequently took his own life last year. 

Three have been arrested for obtaining the card and carrying out the fraud with another four for colluding with the perpetrators allowing them to use the card and distribute the money. Another suspect has been arrested in connection with the investigation.

The case opened last year following the victim’s police complaint. He reported having intended to go to the bank to withdraw some of his pension, realising that his bank card and wallet were missing. He was then told by the bank he only had a balance of €100 left in his account, following multiple withdrawals totalling €58,210. 

The fraud had left him in an extremely precarious economic situation with monthly expenses he would be unable to pay and, faced with this, he tragically ended his life. News of his death reached police a few days after the 73-year old from Torremolinos reported the crime.


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