A Place In The Sun visits Coin: Jasmine Harman shares pics while on set in inland Malaga town – so why DO British expats love it so much?

JASMINE Harman has spent the last few days filming in and around the inland town of Coin, in Malaga.

The A Place In The Sun star, 48, took to Instagram to share pictures of the area’s stunning countryside.

She joked with her followers by asking them to guess whether the beautiful backdrop of rolling green hills was ‘real or fake’.

Jasmine will have been helping British buyers find there dream home in the area for the next series of Channel 4’s A Place In The Sun.

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Jasmine Harman in Coin this week (INSTAGRAM/Jasmine Harman)
Jasmine Harman poses for a pic in Coin, Malaga (INSTAGRAM/Jasmine Harman)

Coin has long been a favourite for expats for a long list of reasons.

The charming town is just a 30-minute drive inland from the likes of Marbella on the Costa del Sol.

It has everything you need within a walking distance, including bars, restaurants and supermarkets.

Meanwhile, it is surrounded by picturesque countryside and prices are generally cheaper than the coast in terms of renting and buying – although that could soon change.

Coin resident and British expat Sam Adams told the Olive Press: “It’s away from the coast, which I like.

“It’s peaceful, quiet, and there’s virtually no traffic, plus I can park my car and walk everywhere, I dont have to drive to the supermarket etc.

Plaza José Bermúdez De La Rubia, Coín Cc 3 Tyk
The Plaza Jose Bermudez de la Rubia in Coin. Photo: CC Tyk via Wikimedia

“Watching the bustling coast disappear in the rear view mirror as you drive home is a feeling you can’t beat.”

He added: “I just much prefer Coin to the coast. While it has been much cheaper for years but prices are definitely going up as a lot of people want to move here.”

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