Adult Iberian lynx run over and killed in Spain’s Doñana

AN endangered Iberian lynx has been killed in a car accident near Doñana National Park in southern Spain.

The tragic incident took place this Monday, February 27, on the road linking the towns of Aznalcazar and Bollullos de la Mitacion (Sevilla), in the vicinity of the Doñana Natural Area.

Ecologists in Action, who have confirmed that the lynx is an adult male, belonging to the Doñana-Aljarafe population, are calling for more to be done to prevent accidents of this kind.

It is believed that the wild cat died shortly after the collision, falling dead on the roadside some meters from where the accident occurred.

The animal’s corpse has been transferred to the Centre for Analysis and Diagnosis of Wildlife (CAD) of the Junta de Andalucia, where a necropsy will be performed.

Following this recent road incident, Ecologists in Action have once more highlighted that more needs to be done to prevent accidents of this kind especially given that traffic accidents are the leading non-natural cause of death for the Iberian lynx in Spain, with 32% of the mortality rate caused by road accidents, ahead of poaching at 24%.


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