AFTER WILDFIRE: Spain’s Andalucia to receive 50 tonnes of feed for livestock on Sierra Bermeja farms

THE Junta has received 50 tonnes of feed for livestock to help farms cope with the aftermath of the Sierra Bermeja wildfire.

According to Fernando Fernandez Tapia-Ruano, the territorial delegate for Agriculture, Livestock, Fisheries, and Sustainable Development for the Junta in Malaga, aid has been made available to help producers who have suffered losses from the Sierra Bermeja fire.

Specifically, the Junta has received two trucks with 50,000 kilograms of silage (grass and other green fodder), which has been donated by the City Council of El Ejido (Almeria) and the company Frutilados del Poniente de Almeria.

Tapia-Ruano has said that thanks to the solidarity of Frutilados del Poniente de Almeria and the Council of El Ejido, the Sierra Bermeja livestock farmers will have ‘an extraordinary product, of excellent quality, very rich in nutrients and optimum hydration’.

Despite having been in operation for less than two years, the Frutilados del Poniente plant in El Ejido is already capable of processing more than 60,000 kilograms of agro-industrial protein supplement products every day and the company, together with the El Ejido Town Council and another 25 companies in the sector have come together in an initiative to help replace the forage, grazing and hay lost in the fire, essential fodder for the livestock in the area.

In addition to the 50 tonnes of aid, Tapia-Ruano has also highlighted ‘the great steps’ that are being taken by the Junta in terms of bioeconomy (the sustainable production of renewable resources from land, fisheries and aquaculture environments and their conversion into food).

“We are providing solutions to the processing and preserving methods of non-commercialised fruit and vegetable products with the aim of guaranteeing quality foodstuffs for livestock, one of the main problems faced by livestock farmers,” Tapia-Ruano added.


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