Agitated Brit threatens to stab taxi driver and then gets locked in on a Mallorca bus before police arrest him

A BRITISH man threatened a Palma taxi driver before trying to escape on a bus, but got locked in as police arrived to arrest him.

The incident happened at around 7.00am last Thursday when the Brit, 48, got into a cab in an abusive manner.

“Arenal, Arenal. I want to go to the Arenal,” he shouted as the driver asked him to get out.


An intense row ensued with the Brit producing an awl- used for piercing holes in materials- and threatened to stab him with it.

The taxi driver got out of his cab and ran off, while the Brit also ran away, having stolen the cabby’s mobile phone.

He went to a bus stop in the Plaza de la Reina, while the driver followed him as he alerted the Policia Nacional about what had happened.

The suspect boarded a bus but its driver decided to clear it of passengers as he noticed his agitated behaviour.

They all went outside leaving the Brit onboard and the driver used an external lock to close the door until the police arrived.

Officers saw the man in an agitated and excited state carrying the awl in his hand.

As they boarded the bus, he made a gesture of stabbing himself, saying: “If you get closer, I’ll stick in,” as he took it towards his neck.

After several attempts to calm the situation and establish some rapport with the Brit, he threw the awl down and was arrested for violence and intimidation.

Officers also returned the stolen phone to the taxi driver.

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