Airport terminals in Spain reopening for people to greet or wave goodbye to family and friends

FAMILIES and friends will again be able to wave farewell or welcome arrivals from inside Spain’s airport terminals from this Friday(October 15).

For the last 17 months, terminal access has been restricted to passengers with a boarding pass unless there have been special circumstances.

Speaking after today’s cabinet meeting in Madrid, government spokesperson, Isabel Rodriquez, said: “All companions must comply with all health requirements.”

That means wearing a mask and keeping appropriate distances from non-family members.

Restrictions were imposed due to the coronavirus pandemic but have already been loosened in other European countries.

Entry may be restricted at times when it is busy to avoid overcrowding

Isabel Rodriquez added that this Monday’s announcement was ‘important from the morale point of view’ as Spain moves into a ‘new normal’ over the pandemic.

“Without a doubt, this is down to the positive results of measures we have used, along with the vaccination process and the health situation in which our country finds itself,” she commented.

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