Alleged terrorist in Girona searched online how to carry out stabbing attack day of arrest

An alleged radicalised jihadist arrested in Girona was searching online how to carry out mass stabbings just moments before police stormed his address.

Police said the man – a Spanish national with Moroccan origins – was in an ‘advanced process of jihadist radicalisation and had a profile of great violence and aggressiveness’. 

He allegedly had active profiles across social media, and accessed the dark web to read manuals so he could train himself to use and acquire weapons, and create explosives. 

“He used the internet to show his active support for the terrorist organisation DAESH (Islamic State),” police said. 

“The same day of his arrest, he searched for how to carry out stabbings and attacks carried out with this type of bladed weapons.”

The FBI played an ‘essential role’ in identifying the alleged terrorist, while Guardia Civil in a joint operation with the General Information Commissioner of the National Police, arrested the man. 

The head of the Central Investigating Court No. 2 ordered his admission to prison.


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