Almost 40,000 ecstasy tablets are found stashed in car en route to Spain’s Murcia

TWO MEN transporting 37,950 ecstasy pills with a €433,000 retail value from France to the Murcia region have been arrested by the Policia Nacional in Alicante.

Two motor-bike patrol police officers noticed the duo in their foreign-plated car acting suspiciously when they spotted their presence.

The vehicle was stopped and the men told to get out of their car for a search.

A bag containing 1,960 ecstasy pills was found under the driver’s seat with the men reacting to the discovery by fleeing on foot.

Officers chased them through city streets as the suspects scrambled over several walls- some of which were up to four metres high.

They were detained and their vehicle was handed over to the Policia Nacional’s Narcotics Unit for a more thorough search to see if there were more drugs inside.

Officers spotted a ‘barely imperceptible’ modification to the chassis which indicated the possible existence of a secret compartment.

The suspicions were validated after a camouflaged area containing 20 bags with 36,000 ecstasy pills was discovered under the glove box and gear lever.

The men, 37 and 39, both of Algerian nationality, have been charged with drug trafficking and resisting arrest.


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