Ambulance driver in Benidorm steals cash and jewellery worth €4,500 from an elderly couple en route to hospital

A BENIDORM ambulance driver has been arrested for stealing a bag containing jewellery worth €4,500 from an elderly couple he was taking to hospital.

The couple from the Barcelona area were staying in a hotel when the husband complained of feeling unwell.

An ambulance took them to the Marina Baixa Hospital in Villajoyosa and they kept their bag as they were worried about the contents falling into the wrong hands.



It had €230 in cash inside it, as well as €4,500 of jewellery.

After being discharged from hospital, the couple discovered the bag was missing and they filed a report with the Policia Nacional in Benidorm.

The Guardia Civil took over the investigation and discovered that the ambulance driver was the culprit.

The stolen items were of great sentimental value and recovered after the couple- in their seventies- had returned home to Catalunya.

They drove down to the Guardia barracks in Villajoyosa to get their property back and thanked officers for their work.

The driver, 38, was bailed after a court appearance.

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