Antisemitic vandals deface Holocaust memorial in Oviedo, northern Spain

JEWISH groups in Spain have condemned vandalism at a Holocaust memorial in Oviedo in the northern region of Asturias.

The monolith remembering Victims of the Shoah in the city’s central park of Campo de San Francisco was defaced using a sharp object to scratch out writing on the plaque.

Markings were also etched into the stone Star of David at the monument which was erected in 2016 by the Jewish Community of Asturias.

Aida Oceransky, president of the Jewish Community in Asturias, said the antisemitic attack had been reported to police as well as national and international organizations involved in battling antisemitism.

A previous memorial in Parque de Invierno had also been the target of vandalism by far-right groups.

Jewish organisations in Spain have strongly condemned the attack.

“We urge the Spanish authorities to condemn such acts, to restore the damaged elements immediately, and to implement educational measures to teach tolerance, mutual understanding, and the right to be considered different,” read a statement from the Federation of Jewish Communities of Spain issued on Monday November 12.

“As the European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights warned last week, antisemitism has increased in the 27 EU member countries and calls for a redoubling of efforts to combat hatred and prejudice against Jews,” the statement added.


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