Are Casino Bonuses Worth it — How to Make the Best use of a Bonus

Online casino-goers are often overwhelmed by the sheer number of dazzling bonuses and promotions presented to them. Many offers look incredibly generous and lucrative, but that’s on the surface. Looking beyond the initial excitement of what is being offered often reveals a set of stringent terms and conditions that take the fun out of the bonus.

But, knowing what to look for in these conditions, and how to find the best terms is a skill players need to employ. Importantly, knowing what to look for and what to avoid can help improve player success when they do take on such bonuses. Here are some key features to pay close attention to.

Getting to grips with wagering requirements

Players should not be blinded by the large sums of money or free spins awarded by bonuses. Instead, focus should be placed on the wagering requirements that come with them. It’s easy to find a good casino bonus here though, where each bonus is carefully checked by experts. But it’s good practice for players to look for clues regarding how good a bonus can be by themselves.

Wagering requirements or playthrough, refers to the number of times a bonus must be played through in order for a win to occur. The lower the wagering requirement, the easier it is to achieve and subsequently withdraw any funds. For instance, if a 10 EUR bonus has 20x wagering requirements attached, this has to be played through to a value of 200 EUR. However, a 60x requirement means playing this through to a value of 600 EUR which is much harder to achieve.

Finding low wagering requirements is key, as it will mean players have a better chance of claiming their winnings.

Opting for non-sticky over sticky bonuses

Another factor to look at is how the bonus is actually awarded. Sticky bonuses combine the deposit with the bonus credit. This means that a 100% match deposit bonus where the player deposited 10 EUR, becomes a 20 EUR total. The same 20x wagering requirements will have to be played through to a value of 400 EUR before withdrawing can occur.

In contrast, a non-sticky bonus keeps the deposit and bonus cash separate. The wagering requirements are only applicable to the bonus credit. So, the exact same bonus offer (in non-sticky form), means only 20x on 10 EUR which is a value of 200 EUR – much more manageable.

Non-sticky bonuses can also be cancelled. For instance, if the player gets a win using their deposit, that money can be withdrawn without having to go through the wagering requirements. The bonus cash is simply cancelled and removed from the account.

Eligible games

Finally, particularly when it comes to free spin bonuses, checking the games and slots these can be used on is a must. Some casinos will offer free spins, but as these are attached to specific games, these may not be the best ones there. Often times, casinos will award free spins on slots with low RTPs or minimal bet limits. This means that the chances of getting a win from the free spins is pretty low. Yes, players will get experience in playing the game, but it’s not likely to amount to a win.

However, there are casinos offering free spins on slots with high RTPs and good win rates. Some of the slots include games like Gonzo’s Quest or Starburst. Choosing free spins eligible on games like these automatically give players a better chance of getting a win than playing on other slots.

Rounding up

So, with these three key points in mind, it really is beneficial to players to look at the terms and conditions. Keeping these points forefront when selecting a bonus or promotion can really boost any winning chances, and the ability to claim the wins.

Of course, it’s all down to luck too, so these tips or strategies are not a guarantee of success. Regardless, it is good practice to get into the habit of reading all the terms and conditions carefully. This is so that players are not caught out by something unexpected hidden within the bonus offer.

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