Are flying taxis coming to Spain? EU creates official regulations to make it easier for the technology to grow

THE EU has created official regulations to make it easier to develop flying taxi technology. 

This week the European Commission has adopted a new range of regulations on VTOL aircrafts (vertical take-off and landing) and air taxis. 

They are designed to unify the technology in EU member states, improving supervision and safety.

The regulations focus aircrafts capable of taking off and landing vertically (VTOLs), air taxis, small commercial aircrafts that carry out short journeys with little demand and high risk drones in the ‘special category’. 

According to The European Transport Commissioner, Adina Valean, the regulations will reaffirm the EU’s position as a world leader in aviation safety and innovation. 

“This initiative promises to unblock all the potential for innovative air travel, establishing new standards for urban transport in the 21st century and beyond.” 

New requirements and processes for certification will also be introduced for aeronavigation. 

This affects both manned and unmanned VTOL aircrafts. 

The measures include assessments of the physical integrity of aircrafts, as well as digital security issues and air taxi pilot licensing. 

It also looks at air traffic, medical use and rescue operation rules. 

The European Union Aviation Safety Agency has also stated that air taxis will require certification before they can be used in Europe. 

A ‘key’ move in the EU’s Strategy 2.0 on drones, adopted in 2022, the regulations aim to help the unmanned aircraft industry to grow. 

The first set of rules came into force in 2023. 


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