Arrested in Marbella two international drug traffickers

POLICE have arrested two international drug lords who were hiding out in luxury.

Guardia Civil swooped on the Dutch and Belgian citizens who were lying low in Marbella after cops in their home countries had started an operation against cocaine smugglers.

The investigation began in 2020 when the Belgian Federal Police and the Dutch Police discovered large amounts of the drug being shipped from Brazil to the two northern European nations.

One consignment of 556 kilos of the drug, which was hidden in a cargo of soy flour, was seized by Brazilian police in 2020.

Drug Traffickers In Marbella Image Guardia Civil 1
Police have arrested two international drug lords who were hiding out in luxury. Image Guardia Civil.

Then in January of 2021 2.3 tonnes of cocaine was discovered among a shipment of coffeee beans in the Port of Antwerp.

Another two  shipments of 586 kilos and 409 kilos were seized in the Port of Rotterdam .

Dutch and Belgian investigators uncovered two suspected ringleaders of the gang who were said to be on the Costa Del Sol, and asked Guardia for their help.

When their location was tracked down, European Arrest Warrants were issued and simultaneous raids launched in Marbella, Holland and Belgium.

As well as the two ringleaders, seven other alleged members of the gang were arrestedand three luxury cars seized.


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