Audrey Fang latest: Exclusive €935 Nike trainers could prove crucial to murder investigation in Spain – as more evidence against prime suspect Mitchell Ong is revealed

A PAIR of €935 trainers could prove crucial in putting away Audrey Fang’s alleged killer. 

Mitchell Ong, 43, is accused of stabbing the fellow Singaporean more than 30 times after picking her up in his car in Alicante on April 9. 

A day later, Audrey’s body was found dumped 150km away in a lorry car park in Abanilla, Murcia. 

An autopsy has since cited multiple knife wounds and trauma to the head as the cause of Audrey’s death, reports La Verdad de Murcia. 

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Mitchell Ong’s latest Instagram post (pictured) from April 3 was uploaded from Alicante

Police sources told the same paper that investigators are focusing on a rare pair of limited edition Nike trainers, which were found in Ong’s hotel room when he was arrested on April 16 – alongside €3,760 cash and 1,000 US dollars. 

It is reported that the soles of said trainers match the footprints left at the grisly crime scene in Abanilla. 

The Guardia Civil has now taken a swab of the shoes to see if the soil in its crevices match the soil found on Audrey’s body and in the general area of the lorry park. 

The trainers are a European size 48.5, matching Ong’s, and are sold on Farfetch, a luxury online clothing retailer. 

They form part of a growing list of pieces of evidence that paint Ong as the prime suspect. 

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A court in Cieza, Murcia, heard how Ong changed his clothes between the night that Audrey went missing and the early hours of the next morning. 

He was seen on CCTV wearing a hoodie at black pants at around 5.45pm on April 9 – but when he was picked up returning at 2.06am on April 10, he had changed into jeans and a blue jumper. 

The investigation continues.

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