Avant-garde poets of the robotic age Kraftwerk to perform at Sevilla’s Iconic Fest in July

KRAFTWERK, the German grandfathers of electronica beloved by young grandfathers, are set to dazzle a new generation of music lovers in Sevilla’s Iconica festival.

Having virtually pioneered the entire genre of electronic music, the Dusseldorf synth artists will complete an eclectic line up for the several-week festival featuring Spanish stars Pastora Soler and Lola Indigo among others.

Kraftwerk’s live performances have become legendary, featuring synchronised visual and musical elements that have set a standard for modern electronic music concerts. 

Extra fitting for the festival, the band’s iconic appearance of red shirts and black ties has also become a signature part of their image.

The Iconica festival has become one of the top musical events for Spain and helped put Sevilla on the culture map. 

It is famous for showcasing a mix of international and Spanish artists from various genres, including indie, rock, and electronic music.

Beyond just music, it also features art installations and other cultural events, creating a multi-faceted experience for attendees. 

The festival takes place in the beautiful setting of the Alamillo Park, providing a scenic backdrop for the performances.

The festival is spread over several weeks from June 15 to July 22, with Kraftwerk headline on July 3.


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