BACK IN BUSINESS: Construction trade in Spain’s Valencia region recovers pre-pandemic activity levels

VALENCIAN property developers have recovered pre-pandemic levels of business.

The Valencian Federation of Construction Businesses (Fevet) this week confirmed that the sector suffered a severe setback in 2020, with numbers of companies and employed workers falling drastically as projects – especially public contracts – were cancelled or put on indefinite hold throughout the region.

However, Fevet has revealed that at the end of June there were 15,630 construction-related companies registered in the Valencian Community – 5% more than at the same point in 2020 –, many of them so-called ‘small and medium-sized businesses’, or pymes.

In addition, job figures are also said to have climbed by 7.7%, with more than 92,350 workers currently employed in the trade.

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Spokespeople for Fevet insist on the importance of capping the ‘excessive increase’ in prices of raw materials and energy, which encumbered the sector’s recovery at the beginning of this year.  

The cost of steel, copper, wood and aluminium is said to have shot up on a global scale due to an unbalance between supply and demand, with a surge in consumption on behalf of China and the USA.  

Another problem reported by developers is a lack of qualified, professional workers, with analysts predicting a possible abandonment of projects if urgent solutions are not found soon.


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