Backlash after group of women over 50 are kicked out of nightclub on Spain’s Costa Blanca ‘for being too old’

SPANIARDS nationwide have rallied around a group of women over 50 who were kicked out of a Costa Blanca nightclub because of their age. 

Some 18 women between 55 and 84 years old felt ‘discriminated’ against after they were booted out of the Alicante club. 

Some of the 18 ladies who were kicked out of an Alicante club. Photo: TardeAR/Telecinco

The incident occurred this Saturday, December 16. 

The women were attending an event inspired by 80s music, which they had attended multiple times before. 

They reportedly were allowed into the club by ‘very kind’ doormen, who then opened a reserved section of the venue so they could sit down. 

A few of the women decided to take to the dancefloor but were swiftly stopped by a promoter ‘swooping in like a hurricane and telling us they didn’t want older people there’. 

The ladies left the nightclub ‘feeling awful and with a bad taste in [their] mouths’.

Many of them asked for complaint forms before leaving Bugatti, an events section of Upikum nightclub. 

The event was run by Bugatti in Upikum nightclub. Photo: UPIKUM Club | Discoteca Alicante

After the incident, nightclub representatives, not the promoter involved in the incident, reportedly called the women to apologise and offer a VIP package. 

Since then, the women have been to other clubs in the area which they say treated them ‘very nicely’. 

Although they say the incident is ‘over’, the women highlighted ‘it seems crazy that at this time in our lives people are trying to tell us what to do’. 

Speaking to Informacion, one of the women known as Carmen, said: “We’ve been all over the world and never been kicked out of anywhere.”

Article 512 of Spain’s Penal Code, specifically prohibits discrimination on the basis of age, making the incident illegal. 


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