Bakery on Spain’s Costa del Sol is investigated for homophobia after branding a gay employee a ‘fa***t’ on his payslip – as locals call for a boycott

A BAKERY in Coin has denied being homophobic after a gay employee got his April payslip with the word ‘fa***t’ written on it.

The Labour inspectorate is investigating the Panaderia La Semilla de Oro for the insult and also for the worker having to do extra hours for no more money.



Spain’s Labour Minister and deputy Prime Minister, Yolanda Diaz, described the incident as ‘shameful’.

The CGT union has denounced what happened after the worker received his notification with the writing: ‘Payroll for the month of April fa***t’.

Bakery owner, Lucas Rico, told Cadena Ser Radio: “It is a mistake by the bank and I’ve never had a problem with this man because of his sexuality.”

“There is no issue,” he added and pointed out that he also employs four lesbians.

“Everyone can do whatever they want with their body.”

Minister Yolanda Diaz said: “We are not going to stop until we guarantee the equality of LGTBI people at work.”

MINISTER DIAZ(La Moncloa image)

Miguel Montenegro, general secretary of the CGT said the situation has caused the employee to be on sick leave.

Ever since his sexuality became known, he accused the bakery of changing shift patterns to make life difficult and not paying overtime rates.

“This exceeds all the limits that we had seen until now in the improper actions of a businessman,” Montenegro stated.

The worker has complained about his unpaid increase in his shifts to the Labour Inspectorate.

Meanwhile the CGT has announced a boycott against the bakery as well as instigating legal proceedings for the ‘violation of fundamental rights’.

They also plan to stage protests outside the front door of the business.

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