Balearic Islands lead rankings for gender violence in Spain

THE Balearic Islands have been placed at the top of the table for their number of gender violence cases in Spain.

In a ranking no region would likely want to rank first place in, during the second quarter of this year, that is in the months of April, May, and June, the Balearics registered the most number of gender violence incidents per 100,000 inhabitants.

According to the Observatory against Domestic and Gender Violence, the governmental body that undertook the study, there were 1,574 reported cases, all of which were made by women.

This is an increase of almost 15% from the first quarter of the year and 12.1% more than the same period of 2020.

Of all the complaints made, 891 were made by Spanish women with 239 protection orders being granted.

The study concluded that the percentage of women who suffer abuse in the Balearic Islands during these months stood at 25.7% out of every 10,000 inhabitants.

It comes weeks after Spain’s government allocated over €650,000 to the Balearics to spend on initiatives to fight gender violence.

The municipalities that will benefit the most are Palma, Calvia, Eivissa, Manacor and Santa Eularia.


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