Bar in Spain’s Valencia has a zebra crossing painted over it’s outdoor terrace space, overnight

A BAR owner in Valencia can’t get over his astonishment at finding a zebra crossing painted across the entire terrace of his bar, and just ten metres from another one.

Adrian Iniesta, a bar owner from Catarroja in the province of Valencia, claims that a zebra crossing, which occupies almost the entire terrace of his bar, has been painted overnight.

According to Iniesta, he received a notification from the City Council notifying of the pedestrian crossing this Monday, and when he went on Tuesday to present a petition at the City Council in order to halt the road marking, it was too late.

Broad white stripes had already been painted across the road and right across almost the entire terrace of his bar.

The justification given by Catarroja City Council is that the pedestrian crossing ‘improves safety at one of the entrances to the park which is right in front of the premises.’

Unfortunately the broad white stripes take up the space of six tables, a huge loss for business at the establishment.

“The terrace is everything for us and with this the City Council will effectively put an end to my business” a mortified Iniesta said.

“We are not against the pedestrian crossing being done, but they could have looked for other options, such as painting it diagonally,” he added.

Ironically, the sign is located just 10 metres away from another identical one.

Neighbouring businesses, in an act of solidarity, have put in motion the collection of signatures to try to have the situation rectified.


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