BARGAIN BASEMENT: Where to find the cheapest real estate in Malaga province

IF you are looking for a bargain property in Malaga province, head inland.

Sierra de Yeguas has been named as the cheapest municipality for real estate in the province with homes costing a wallet-friendly €562 per square metre.

While that may seem a more than fair price, it is still way more than the bargain basement €284p/sqm properties found  in  Alcaudete de la Jara in Toledo, the cheapest municipality on mainland Spain according to property portal Idealista.

Sierra De Yeguas Aérea
Sierra de Yeguas: Photo: De Gsyjdcg – Malagapedia, CC BY-SA 3.0,

The average price in Malaga province was €2,787p/sqm in December, although the average in Malaga city was slightly lower, at €2,346p/sqm.

Sierra de Yeguas is located on the border of the province with Sevilla, neighbouring Martin de la Jara and La Roda.

On the Malaga side it borders Campillos and Fuente de Piedra – site of the Flamenco breeding grounds.

About 3,400 people live in what was once a lively community but has now declined due to the closure of a large quarry which used to provide significant employment.

The area is rich in hiking trails, and has some thermal baths, the Haza de Estepa, which date to Roman times but are in a state of neglect. 

Other Malaga municipalities with bargain properties are: Teba (€577 p/sqm), Alameda (€579  p/sqm, Villanueva de Algaidas (€598p/sqm), Humilladero (€661 p/sqm), Campillos (€680 p/sqm), Archidona (€690 p/sqm), Almachar (€717p/sqm), Fuente de Piedra (€784 p/sqm) and Mollina (€787 p/sqm).


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