Baza in Spain’s Granada drops to a chilly -6.3ºC and registers lowest urban temperature this Tuesday in all Andalucia

SEVERAL areas in Andalucia are still experiencing freezing temperatures at night, specifically Braza, a captivating Moorish town in the north-east part of the province of Granada.

Last week Baza recorded the lowest temperatures in all of southern Spain on a total of four days: Tuesday, Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday, when the mercury dropped to a numbing -7.6ºC at 7.10am.

The stinging sub-zero temperatures were recorded once again yesterday, Tuesday January 31, when the Moorish town once again recorded the lowest minimum temperature in Andalucia, with -6.3ºC at 7:30 am.

The freezing temperature in Baza was only surpassed by the Sierra Nevada station, which recorded -7.3ºC at 1.20am.

A dozen other communities in Andalucia, which ironically are usually on alert for scalding temperatures in the summer months, currently remain below freezing temperatures at night, such as Valsequillo and Espiel in Cordoba which registered -5.3ºC and -5.1ºC respectively yesterday morning, while in the province of Seville, in Villanueva de los Infantes, temperatures were a frosty -4.9ºC.


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