BBC to release a documentary on Ibiza: ‘Secrets of the Party Island’ will focus on the resort’s luxury offerings, crime and drug trafficking

‘SECRETS of the Party Island’, the BBC are to release a documentary on Ibiza’s luxury offerings, drug trafficking and crime. 

The four episode series will see influencer Zara McDermott explore the two sides of Ibiza.

As well as enjoying luxury parties, nightclubs, yachts and villas she accompanies the police, private detectives and emergency services around the dark face of the island. 

The first 45-minute episode will be released on Sunday, April 21 on BBC Three. 

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Zara McDermott was ‘shocked’ by the level of wealth and luxury on the island. Photo: BBC

It will show OBeach, Wayne Lineker’s infamous beach club, where celebrities like Jack Grealish, Ed Sheeran and Conor McGregor pay up to €1300 for a sunbed. 

The documentary series will also explore Ibiza’s nightclub scene, where entrance can cost up to €70 and a glass of wine €60. 

According to the series promotional material, ‘it seems there are no price limits to what someone will pay to taste the Ibiza experience.’ 

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The documentary promises to show the ‘dark and light sides’ of Ibiza Photo: BBC

Zara also accompanies Guardia Civil as they patrol Platja d’en Bossa, one of Ibiza’s biggest party spots. 

The former Love Island contestant said that the ‘pressure’ on local security forces was ‘shocking’, highlighting that sometimes there are just four police officers to 30,000 revellers. 

Now a reality TV star and influencer, McDermott said she ‘loved’ Ibiza, as it has ‘everything you want right in front of you.’ 

The series promises to show the true ‘light and dark side’ of Ibiza as McDermott questions the changing face of the island and increasing pressures on security and safety forces.

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