Biggest climbing wall in Spain to open in Estepona next week – but do YOU have the nerve to try it? 

Estepona will open the biggest climbing wall in Spain on Monday, April 29.

The local mountaineering club, GRUME, will give classes for children and adults from beginners to advanced levels.

They will take place Monday to Friday from 04:00pm to 10:00pm and on Saturdays from 10:00am to 02:00pm. 

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Photo: Ayuntamiento de Estepona

Locals can pay a monthly €30 fee to access the classes, which start in April. 

To access the facilities, users are required to take a safety knowledge test. 

Passing the test will grant climbers a €3 pass which can be used with each visit. 

Qualified staff will be monitoring the wall at all times. 

It is also available for use by schools and other groups under reservation. 

In future, it is hoped the outdoor wall will be used for national and international climbing competitions.

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The 662 m2 wall is designed in sections based on speed, difficulty and bouldering. 

It was financed by the EU- Next Generation Transformation and Resilience Fund and is part of Estepona’s sustainable tourism programme. 

The Andalucian business Sepisur XXI S.L. led the building work in collaboration with Spanish brand, EP Climbing. 

The brand has previously built climbing walls for the Olympic Games and the Pan American Games. 

It adds to Estepona’s sporting prowess with the installations in the Parque Ferial y Deportivo including the Estadio de Atletismo, where locals can practice more than 20 sports for free all year round. For more information, contact [email protected].

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