Biggest storm water tank in Spain’s Murcia region aims to cut Mar Menor lagoon pollution

THE largest storm water tank in the Murcia region has been opened in Torre Pacheco.

It is expected to reduce excess flow from the area’s sewage network which has ended up in the Albujon ravine which flows into the Mar Menor lagoon.

The new facility costing €4.2 million will reduce the strain on Torre Pacheco’s water treatment plant during storms.

It can hold up to 66,000 cubic metres of water- the equivalent of 24 Olympic-size swimming pools.

7,500 cubic metres of water can be recycled daily at the neighbouring treatment plant and can meet the needs of up to 81 thousand residents- triple that of the Torre Pacheco municipality population.

Murcia president, Fernando Lopez Miras, carried out an opening ceremony and said: “The tank will stop intensive episodes of rain dragging polluted water to the Mar Menor and prevent damage that we have suffered in recent years.”

Opened Tank

He pointed out that €2 million had been invested in a rainwater collector for Los Alcazares in addition to the construction of bioreactor ponds to stop water laden with nutrients reaching the Mar Menor.

Torre Pacheco mayor, Antonio Leon, described the new tank as an ‘important investment that was essential for the municipality’.


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