Bilingual benefits: Students at the International Montessori School Sotogrande are masters of both English and Spanish

CHILDREN at International Montessori School in Sotogrande learn both English and Spanish effortlessly in a curriculum taught in both tongues.

It’s been operating since 2020, and previously functioned as a child education centre.

But when the space moved in 2019 they expanded their services to become an education centre authorised by the Andalucian government as a foreign teaching institute for students aged from four months to 12 years.

At IMS Sotogrande students can expect stimulating spaces equipped with furniture to meet the needs of all age groups.

Students are also given specific material and tools to help with their learning.

IMS Sotogrande teachers have the relevant training and experience to understand every childs’ different learning needs.

The learning cycle at IMS Sotogrande promotes ‘concentration and the power of attention’, as well as teamwork, collaboration and peer learning.

The school encourages older students to learn by mentoring younger students, and the younger ones to observe their elders who are ‘role models’ for them.

IMS Sotogrande combines both the Spanish and American curriculums.

The school believes that not all children learn in the same way, or have the same interests.

But through observation and the follow-up of the teacher, together with the participation of families, it is guaranteed students at IMS Sotogrande achieve all learning objectives set out by the state curriculum.

Spanish and English ‘coexist naturally’ throughout the day at IMS Sotogrande.

There are always two teachers in a class, one native in English and the other in Spanish.

It is through this environment the child learns both languages almost effortlessly as they absorb and experience it daily.

International Montessori School
Edificio Sotocentro – Planta 1
(the school is located above Mercadona)
Carretera N IV
11310 Sotogrande
Cádiz (Spain)

(+34) 653 04 17 39

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