BREAKING: Police charge ex-Commissioner McGrail with alleged sexual assault of a policewoman

POLICE have arrested and charged their former chief with ‘an alleged sexual assault’ on a policewoman in 2018, a senior officer said.

Ian McGrail. 56, former Commissioner of Police will now stand trial for the alleged assault which is believed to have occurred at New Mole Police Station.

Police arrested McGrail at his home on Thursday at 7am.

They interviewed him at the south district police station before charging him with the offence of sexual assault.

McGrail retired from the police force after two years, claiming he was pressured to resign.

He called for an independent inquiry which is now underway.

The senior investigating officer that announced the latest charge is detective chief superintendent John McVea, who is leading an open investigation into McGrail’s conduct.

Two weeks ago, McVea ordered the arrest of McGrail for a serious data breach.

His lawyer later claimed that it was McGrail that had allegedly ‘uncovered the data breach’ himself.

McVea himself retired from the Police Service of Northern Ireland after 33 years of service.

Chief Minister Fabian Picardo ordered the inquiry into McGrail’s retirement in February last year.

Its fourth preliminary hearing is set for March 23.


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