Brit flies to Spain in search of English breakfast meal under five pounds

A Brit flew to Spain just to search for an English Breakfast meal that cost under five pounds. 

TikToker Ben Matthew Saunders documented his trip as he flew from Manchester to Magaluf to eat a fry up for just £14.45, with a holiday included.

In the clip that has been viewed over 1.2 million times, Saunders explained that his mission was to see if it was possible to fly abroad and get a full English for the same total price as ordering an average-priced breakfast in the UK.

Saunders claimed the average price of a full English breakfast in the UK is £12.50 and in the video, he took viewers along on his hunt for a cheap flight to a place where the breakfast would still be good quality.

He explained: “What’s a better place to go than Magaluf? I made my way to the airport and I was able to catch and flight from Manchester to Majorca for only £10.”

Once he was in Magaluf, Saunders found a cafe on the beach that sold UK food, including a huge full English for just €5 (£4.45) including a free tea or coffee.

Saunders said: “So compared to the cost of a breakfast in the UK, I was able to get double the portion size, a cup of coffee and a day trip to Magaluf for only £1.95 more.”

Saunders revealed that in total the cost of his day came to around £30, including the £4 for a train from Preston to Manchester Airport and £12 for his same-day return flight.

He explained: “I didn’t tally up the full costs as I wanted to factor in the flights and the food. I have a railcard so I saved money on the train and it was still so cheap and I went to another country.

“The total cost is still cheaper than some breakfasts in the UK and it shows people they can save money if they’re more creative.

“Even if that means your local store is a Waitrose and you get a bus and go further afield to Aldi it can save you £30, that sort of thing. I’m not encouraging everyone to go to Spain for breakfast.”


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