British driver arrested in Spain after high speed police chase on the Costa del Sol

A HOLLYWOOD-style police chase has ended with a British man arrested on the Costa del Sol. 

The young British driver was cuffed after he was accused of ramming his Audi A4 into a police car in Mijas, sparking a high-speed chase along the AP-7 motorway. 

Several other cars were hit before the high speed chase ended with the 32-yar-old driver losing control of his vehicle and crashing to a halt.

The chaos began late on Sunday afternoon in Mijas when a patrolling Guardia Civil car saw the driver of an Audi A4 driving recklessly in the Riviera area.  As the officers got of their vehicle to identify the British driver, he fled the scene – hitting the police car in the process.

Cops gave chase as the Brit flew down the motorway, hitting at least three other vehicles along the way. 

The dangerous driver then pulled off the motorway at an exit, did a U-turn, and rejoined the road heading in the opposite direction towards Malaga in a bid to shake off cops. 

The reckless Brit lost control of his car while driving at 193kmph and olice managed to open the car door and drag the driver out. 

The British driver, who apparently was not wearing a belt, suffered injuries was transferred to the Costa del Sol Hospital.

The 32-year-old is charged with reckless driving and reportedly tested positive for driving under the influence of drugs. 

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