British expat wife who abused and ‘humiliated’ her husband in Spain over a 12-YEAR period is jailed

A BRITISH woman has been handed down a 26-month prison term for regularly abusing her husband over 12 years in Arta, Mallorca.

A Palma court determined that she subjected her partner to ‘continuous severely humiliating and humiliating treatment’, with insults and physical assaults.

The woman also threatened to take her children back to the UK as a form of blackmail.

The court sentence reflects that the man suffered psychological trauma and post-traumatic stress, for which he continues to be treated.

The judge said the woman imposed a ‘true situation of family tyranny’ that caused the man not to complain until many years after the abuse started and that the victim had an ’emotional dependence’ on his wife.

The man’s nationality has not been disclosed while the jail term is not final and can be appealed.

The judge found the Brit guilty on two counts- namely habitual abuse, for which she got an 18 month prison sentence, and an additional eight months for causing injuries within a family environment.

In addition, she will have to pay her now ex-husband €5,000 in compensation and a restraining order banning any form of contact between them has been imposed- lasting for seven years.

The couple lived together in Arta between 2009 and January 2021 with their two children and two others they had from previous relationships.


The court heard that the woman constantly insulted the man, calling him ‘subnormal, an imbecile, asshole, dumb, son of a bitch, and fat’.

She told him that she was ‘disgusted’ with him and that he was ‘s—t’.

The wife also physically assaulted him through shaking his body, slapping his face and scratching and grabbing his neck.

It was also common for her to throw objects and furniture at him, and on one occasion, he threw a glass of water over her head in front of their young children.

The Palma judge said she made psychological threats against her husband, assuring him that she would take the children to England, ‘with the intention of frightening him’.

Matters came to a head on January 4, 2021 when the woman punched him several times in the face and grabbed him by the neck while shouting: “Get out of here, I can’t stand you.”

His clothes were thrown out of a window and he was told to leave their home and not return.

The victim went to a health centre to be treated for injuries and after telling his family about the abuse he suffered for years, he filed for divorce and made a police complaint about the assaults and humiliating behaviour.

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