British expats in Spain ‘relieved’ as booster jab not required for UK entry

THE NHS Covid Pass is being updated to provide proof of booster jabs, but it is not yet a requirement for entry into the UK.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson confirmed the government’s intention “to add” booster jabs to the NHS Covid Pass on Monday, November 15. The PM suggested that those having a third jab will find “foreign travel easier”. The NHS mobile application already records each jab including the booster. However, the app only creates a certificate and QR code for the first two vaccinations.

Due to the recent rise in infections, some bloc countries are reintroducing restrictions as Covid rates rise and require evidence not just of full vaccination but also a booster.

 “We’ll be making plans to add the booster dose to the NHS Covid Pass. We’ll have to adjust our concept of what constitutes a full vaccination. That led to media reports suggesting travellers who have not had a booster would no longer be able to avoid quarantine returning to Britain,” said Boris Johnson.

“It’s too soon to include the booster as a requirement for entry to the UK. We don’t have enough people triple vaccinated. It would be a massive step back. But extending the pass to use overseas is sensible. The booster shot is recorded anyway. All it means is creating a certificate out of it. They’re also looking at adding children,” said an industry source.

Many British expats in Spain regularly travel back to the UK for Christmas and this news is a great belief. Kim Evans, an expat who lives in Fuengirola said:

“My wife and I were relieved to hear there will be no problems travelling back to the UK for Christmas. We have not seen the family for almost two years! We haven’t had our third booster jabs yet, although there is still time. Even so, I’m not sure the NHS app would recognise our credentials.”

The United Kingdom’s NHS COVID Pass is considered equivalent to the EU Digital COVID-19 Certificate. The decision to recognise the NHS Pass- which came into force on October 29- was adopted by the EU Commission after the UK met all the required conditions.


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