British man arrested in drug den selling marijuana to tourists on Spain’s Costa Blanca

AT LEAST one British man was part of a ten-strong group arrested for their role in a bogus l’Alfas del Pi ‘social club’ that acted as a front for drugs sales.

An operation from Benidorm’s Policia Nacional narcotics unit saw the premises monitored where officers noted a large movement of people of different nationalities entering and leaving the premises.

Visitors were of different ages and travelled in a variety of vehicles(including taxis) with many of them actually on holiday in the area.

Next to the premises under investigation was another building used to store the drugs, which led to the police raid.

25 people were found illegally sharing drugs.

Besides the British man, the rest of those detained were all males from Spain, France, Morocco, and the Netherlands- aged between 24 and 37 years.

Over 4,700 grams of marijuana buds were seized along with a tobacco mixture; around 230 grams of hashish; and 155 artisanal cigarettes with a narcotic substance inside.

The detainees were placed at the disposal of Benidorm’s Investigative Court number four.


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