Brits spent nearly half of every tourist euro in Spain’s Lanzarote in 2023 – but Scandis, Dutch and even Germans splashed more cash per person

BRITISH tourists contributed nearly half of the €3.5 billion that tourists spent on their holidays on Lanzarote in 2023. 

The British market blasted all competition out of the water, with a total of €1.695 billion spent by the 1.5 million Brits who visited the island.

This is according to data from the latest survey by the Canary Islands Institute of Statistics (ISTAC), which breaks down the data for British, German, Dutch, and Scandinavian tourists.

However, British tourists were also the stingiest of the four, parting with €1,100 per person on average per visit.

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British tourists dominate Lanzarote’s tourist market spending nearly half of every euro

The Germans came in a distant second place, with 305,000 tourists spending €351 million in the same period, or €1,150 per person on average.

The biggest spenders per person were the 67,000 tourists from Scandinavia who visited Lanzarote, averaging €1,300.

Dutch tourists, who coincidentally came in exactly the same numbers as the Scandinavians, spent €102 million in the same period, with an average of €1,257 per person.

Overall, tourists from the four countries were above the average tourist expenditure on Lanzarote in 2023, which was €1,000.

The figures come as the Canary Islands experience convulsions over its dominant tourism sector, with many claiming the islands are ‘collapsing.’

They blame an unchecked tourism sector for the increase in tourist rentals and the decrease in housing for locals driving up rents as well as the lack of good jobs.

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