Bull breaks legs, is put down at fiesta in Spain’s Valencia region after jumping over wall 

A BULL had to be put down at a local fiesta in Valencia on Saturday after it jumped over a wall and fell 15 metres to the ground, breaking its legs in the process. 

The incident, which was captured on camera by onlookers, happened in Ontinyent in the Valencia region, as the animal was running through the streets of the municipality. 

The bull can be seen running toward the wall and, unsighted, jumping over it to the shrieks and shouts in horror of the public. 

The fall was the equivalent of five stories, according to newspaper El Español. The animal ended up laid out on the ground by the river and with its legs broken. It was eventually moved from the scene and put down. 

The incident saw the bullfighting events programmed for the evening in Ontinyent cancelled, and also called into question the preparations made by the local council. While there was fencing along the route that the bull was running, there was none at the point where it jumped the wall. 

A series of incidents during bull-running events in Valencia last summer prompted debate as to their organisation and whether they should continue to be held. This latest incident will once again provide ammunition for animal campaigners. 

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