Cadiz postpones its Carnival to June 9

THE annual Cadiz Carnival has been pushed to June next year due to the coronavirus pandemic, organisers have announced.

The event, which usually takes place in Cadiz every February is now due to run from 9 to 19 June. 

The Official Competition of Carnival Groups (COAC) will also be postponed and will be held just after Easter, around April 25. 

Organisers from Cadiz’s Town Hall said their decision was made in line with Andalucia’s coronavirus restrictions and vaccination plan. 

This year’s event was cancelled due to COVID-19 but the Town Hall is optimistic that the June carnival will be their biggest and best year yet. 

Cadiz Councilor for Culture said: “We understand that the carnival in Cadiz is unparalleled and that what happens here is not comparable to what happens in other localities.

“Having the party at the start of summer will directly determine the tourist calendar of the city, which usually provides a massive boost to the economy, will now move to June, a month where, as usual, tourism begins to be noticed in the capital.

“It seems that major events such as the Sevilla and Jerez fairs, or Holy Week itself can be held in spring and we believe that the Cadiz Carnival can perfectly assume these new dates so that it can take place with greater security.” 


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