Campaigners in Spain launch last ditch attempt to save 38 beagles from slaughter by animal testing company

ANIMAL rights activists in Spain have launched a last-ditch attempt to save 38 beagle puppies from slaughter after the animals were used in a pharmaceutical trial.

The dogs underwent clinicial trials in a study by Barcelona University which contracted the controversial laboratory Vivotecnia to carry out the tests.

Last year the clinic was at the centre of an animal abuse scandal after secret footage was released by animal rights charity Cruelty Free International (CFI)

The undercover investigation revealed how tests were carried out without sedation, and animals were killed in inhumane ways.

Footage showed extreme animal cruelty carried out by staff and an investigation was opened by a Madrid court into practices carried out by Vivotecnia, which is still ongoing on.

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Despite this, Barcelona University through the Valencia foundation Parc Cientific awarded a €255,648 contract to Vivotecnia to carry out the animal testing which involves the dogs being dosed with an experimental drug for 28 days.

When the trial ends on January 31, the animals will be destroyed.

However, a petition calling for the dogs to be saved on the website has garnered close to 200,000 signatures by Thursday morning,

A demonstration will take place at Barcelona’s Plaça Sant Jaume on Saturday, January 22 at 12 noon.

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Animal rights party PACMA said: “The regulations on animal experimentation stipulate that those that are in good condition at the end of the study must be put up for adoption, not sacrificed . 

“That is why this Saturday we will raise our voices for the victims of Vivotecnia and we will demand that the execution be stopped and that these puppies be given up for adoption . 

“There are numerous families willing to give them a second chance and take care of them as they deserve for the rest of their lives.”To sign the petition go to the link HERE.


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