Caña believe it! New study on beer reveals Spain’s favourite drink can have a range of health benefits

DRINKING beer like having a crafty caña is very much part of the Spanish way of life, but a new study has revealed more health benefits than previously imagined.

Scientists now believe that moderate beer consumption could be good for your health and that it could outperform many probiotic superfoods.

Probiotics are live microorganisms that have a positive impact on digestion, immunity, skin and mood and are found in foods such as yogurt, and sauerkraut.

Researchers recently reviewed studies focusing on brewer’s yeast- a key component in brewing beer- as a source of probiotics.

Reversing previous conclusions, brewer’s yeast is said to contain strains of microorganisms that survive the fermentation process and reach the gut in significant quantities.

These microorganisms could therefore have a beneficial health impact.

The gut microbiome, an ecosystem of microorganisms that inhabits our digestive tract, has been the subject of growing interest in the scientific community due to its influence on human health.

Beer, when consumed in moderation, appears to trigger a number of beneficial events in the gut microbiome.

When we enjoy a beer responsibly, the compounds present in the drink, such as phenols and other nutrients, are fermented and broken down by the microbial community residing in the gut.

This process generates an abundance of metabolites that, in turn, promote changes in the composition of the intestine, generating a positive health effect.


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