CANCELLED: Hugely popular Cala Mijas festival is pulled by organisers ‘after the city council failed to pay their bills’

THE Cala Mijas festival will not take place this year following a row between the organisers and the City Council.

Last Tour took to X today to announce the decision, accusing the local government of failing to pay its contractual obligations.

The events giant is the official sponsor of the event since signing a deal with the council back in 2021.

However it claims the council has yet to pay them for the promotion of last year’s festival, leaving them without enough cash to properly manage this year’s – which was due to take place on the weekend of August 29.

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The Cala Mijas festival had been a huge success, attracting a crowd of 110,000 and bringing in €22 million in 2023.

In March, PP mayor Ana Mata assured that the town hall was committed to ‘bring the holding of the event to a successful conclusion.’

Although no one was announced for the event, it was thought that acts would be borrowed from another festival organised by Last Tour in Portugal around the same time.

Had it finally gone ahead, revellers might have been treated to a headline of LCD Soundsystem, Massive Attack and Sam Smith.

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