Cancer care with the underwear as Gibraltar teams up with Morrisons to spread NHS advice

HEALTH chiefs in Gibraltar are partnering with the local Morrisons supermarket and the NHS to put cancer awareness messages on underwear labels.

The innovative way of drawing attention to the need for regular screening to prevent the growth and spread of breast and testicular cancer was made possible thanks to the help of the NHS.

Labels on branded boxer shorts and bras will advise people who spot potential symptoms of breast or testicular cancer to report them to their doctors.

They include a QR code that links customers to more detailed information on the NHS website.

Gibraltar Health Authority staff are waiting to hear from anyone that thinks they could have either of these two cancers as early diagnosis leads to the best chances of cures.

“Symptoms of breast cancer can include a lump or change in the look, shape or feel of one or both breasts,” the GHA said in a statement.

“Symptoms of testicular cancer can include painless swelling or a lump in one of the testicles or any change in shape or texture of the testicles.”

UK figures show 91% of women survive breast cancer for at least five years if it is discovered in stage one.

Only 39% of them survive a diagnosis at level four, the statistics show.

The GHA added that ‘nearly all men survive testicular cancer’, but problems can occur if the cancer spreads to other parts of the body.

“Diagnosis is the key that unlocks the door to cancer survival,” Director of Public Health Helen Carter said.

“It is the crucial first step that empowers individuals with knowledge, enables timely intervention, and paves the way for effective treatment.

“Please look out for lumps or bumps or anything else that is unusual for you. A timely detection and accurate diagnosis not only saves lives but also offers hope, strength, and the opportunity for a better future.

“Get checked out early, it could save your life.”

And Caretaker Minister for Health John Cortes said he was ‘pleased’ to bring this initiative to the Rock.

“Cancer is a disease that has affected every family in Gibraltar in one way or another,” he said.

“This is a great way to raise awareness so we can identify symptoms early enough to ensure we live longer and better lives.”


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