Car maker Seat to build battery cell assembly plant in Spain’s Catalunya

SEAT has announced that it will build a vehicle battery cell assembly plant in Martorell, Catalunya.

The car maker- owned by Volkswagen- says the project will create more than 400 direct jobs.

The new factory will cover an area of 64,000 square meters and will also be used to assemble PowerCo cells that will be manufactured at a new gigafactory in Sagunto, Valencia province, where construction started in March.

Seat president Wayne Griffiths said that the Martorell plant will be connected to Workshop 10, the company’s site that will produce various electric vehicles for the Volkswagen Group, including the forthcoming Cupra Raval

“Construction will begin at Martorell in the coming weeks and is scheduled for completion in 2025,” said Griffiths.

“This facility is fundamental for our company and a key moment for our industry as Seat and Volkswagen are committing major resources to achieving sustainable mobility and to continue advancing our ambition to turn Spain into a hub for electric mobility in Europe,” he added.


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